Tips To Help Choosing The Right Automated Trading Platform

There are many Automated Trading Platforms available in the marketing nowadays, making it difficult for investors to choose the right one. Many automated trading platforms offer different services and have their own advantages and limitations. Before choosing any automated trading bots or algorithms it is important to consider if they have the desired features to make trades easier. Click to see the full report on one of the various trading platforms available in market, Bitcoin Loophole.

Features to consider before choosing the automated trading platform:


Trading platform usually comes in two different types as:

  • Custom-built: Where the investors can modify the algorithm based on their need.
  • Out-of-shelf: These types of platforms are often preferred by investors who are not aware of programming and prefer using these trading platforms as it is.

Based on the type of trading platform, they might differ in ease of use. Hence before choosing the trading platform, it is important to see if it holds your comfort level. Trading platforms complexity also depends on various assets that it trades, so choosing a platform that supports selected assets of your choice is recommended. Almost all of the platforms offer a demo version to help investors decide what suits them.


Backtesting is a method to validate the trading algorithms procedure verifying how it would’ve worked on the historical data. Backtest is a very important step in any trading strategy to understand how certain assets behave in certain situations. It shows how the trading strategy worked in pasts in terms of profit or loss. Hence a good trading platform must have a strong backtesting strategy.

Programming Languages:

If you choose to modify the trading software to cater to your choice, it is important to choose a trading platform that uses a programming language you are comfortable with. Different programming languages may offer different pros and cons. The most commonly used programming languages are Python, C#, Java, C++, MATLAB, and R.

Strategies allowed:

Various trading platforms may support a different number of strategies to be loaded on the account. And there is a possibility that you might require extra accounts to load more strategies. These strategies can be long or short strategies, also many platforms offer their individual trading strategies as extra add-ons with an additional one-time charge. It is important to check if the selected trading platform offers enough number of strategies and also if the memory of your computer supports multiple accounts if required.














Mutual Funds Or Stocks? Which One To Choose?

Everyone thinks of investing their money expecting good returns. There can be a variety of options available to choose from, that promises fast returns. Few invest in mutual funds, fixed deposits, and gold while others can choose to trade in stocks. No matter whether you invest in the stock market or in mutual funds, the output depends on how much risk you are ready to take to get good returns and how you measure your good returns. In this article, we will go through the basics of both mutual funds and stocks.

Mutual Funds:

The investors who choose Mutual funds find these four features interesting:

  • Convenience
  • Diversification
  • Professional Management
  • Selection

Mutual funds are usually managed by professionals who handle all the operations. These managers are well experienced in the domain hence aware of all the benefits and risks when selecting the investments for the funds. They manage the entire buy and sell operations reducing the stress on investors.

Mutual funds are usually many diversified portfolios as they own a variety of stocks. So even if a few of them did not incur good returns, they might not affect the entire mutual fund. The mutual funds can hold investments in different industries with a variety of assorted sized companies. An individual investor might find it difficult to diversify his portfolio to such an extent.


Many investors prefer individual stocks over mutual funds as the stocks also have a few features that the investors find attractive:

  • Hands-on Investing
  • No Fees
  • Greater Upside Potential

Investing in individual stocks needs investors to pay the brokerage fees. The mutual funds also need to pay fees which sometimes may be quite significant to drain your mutual fund returns. Mutual fund fees may be small but in long run might affect the overall returns.

Mutual funds are highly diversified that prevents them from incurring huge losses but at the same time, it holds them down.  In stocks, you can do risky trades that can incur huge profits. Check this full report about how Bitcoin Loophole is helping investors to trade easily.

Mutual funds invest in various companies at a time hence investors who want to know where their money is going won’t be able to track it precisely. For this reason, few investors might feel comfortable investing in individual stocks, as compared to mutual funds.

Room for both:

Mutual funds usually work very well for funding retirement strategies. While those who want to take risks for greater returns can opt for stocks.

Enjoy your Trading with the Cryptocurrencies

The market for cryptocurrency is sky-rocketing, and its demand is expected to grow higher in the future. Investors, mainly the young generation prefer investing in the cryptocurrency market over the stocks because of its demand, significant return and in particular its application. Trading in cryptocurrency is entirely different from that of the stock exchange.

In a Stock Exchange, an investor has to ultimately depend on the market intermediaries to execute a transaction and must abide by the regulation as imposed by the regulatory authorities. Both of the above aspects are eliminated in a cryptocurrency market. This gives a huge surprise to all the traders/investors.

By now, almost 90% of the population know what a cryptocurrency is. Yes, cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that has no physical existence. For beginners, to understand what a cryptocurrency is, here are its features:

  • Digital currency for trading/buying and selling of goods/services
  • “Peer-to-peer transaction” meaning, the transaction is directly between two parties
  • Secured by strong cryptographic codes
  • Decentralized system i.e. no central authority to overview the transaction
  • No intermediaries
  • Traded online only

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, introduced in the year 2009. The true inventor of Bitcoin is still unknown. Bitcoin was launched primarily to exchange with other currencies and to purchase any goods/services. Later, this was also used for trading leaving the market to bubble. The market for Bitcoin blew up to sky resulting in a huge increase in its value. The price of Bitcoin was unaffordable for new traders/users. This resulted in the creation of different cryptocurrencies.

It was realized that people/traders find difficult in understanding the market strategies, price fluctuations, trend analysis, etc. Also, it is hard to track the market 24*7 for a human. This led to the creation of the trading robot commonly referred to trading bots or trading software. They are software program equipped with advanced technical devices and programme to connect with the exchanges and track, examine, analyze, predict, etc. the market and the price.

Introduction of trading bots relieved many beginners and even the advanced investors. While some trading bots are a bitter pillow to swallow, trading bots like Bitcoin Loophole is not a scam because of its authenticity and reliability. We now have automated trading bots that can perform trading in cryptocurrency market on user’s behalf. This is the best tool for beginners in the cryptocurrency market.

Trading software performs based on the program and algorithm created by the professionals. There are chances of error in their prediction/analysis. It is recommended that the beginners do a proper due-diligence and read the review before using trading bots.

Are Bitcoins Tax-Free

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that utilizations cryptographic encryption framework to encourage secure exchanges and capacity. Dissimilar to fiat cash, bitcoin isn’t printed by a central banking institution, nor is it supported by any. Bitcoins are created by a process called mining—a procedure wherein powerful PCs, on a conveyed network, utilize an open source scientific formula to deliver bitcoins.

Bitcoin is currently recorded on exchanges and it has been combined with driving world currencies, for example, the US dollar and the euro currency thus proving Bitcoin Loophole is not a scam. Toward the beginning bitcoin’s benefits was credited halfway to the way that it wasn’t directed and could be utilized as a part of exchanges to stay away from tax commitments. Likewise, government specialists around the globe understood that bitcoin pulled in dark advertisers who could make unlawful deals. Normally, it was incomprehensible for bitcoin to get away from the tax specialists’ radars for long.

Around the globe, tax experts have attempted to deliver directions on bitcoins. Bitcoin’s treatment as a benefit makes the duty suggestion clear. The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has made it obligatory to report bitcoin exchanges of various sorts, regardless of how little in value. Along these lines, each US citizen is required to keep a record of all purchasing, trading off, putting resources into, or utilizing bitcoins to pay for merchandise or services. With regards to bitcoins, the following are distinctive exchanges that will prompt taxes:

  • Trading bitcoins that are mined individually, to a third party.
  • Trading bitcoins, which are bought from someone to an outsider.
  • Making use of bitcoins, which one may have mined, to purchase goods or services.
  • Utilizing bitcoins, bought from someone to purchase goods or services.

When bitcoins are held for a shorter time of less than a year before offering or trading, a brief capital increases assess is connected, which is equivalent to the normal pay tax rate for the individual. Anyways, if the bitcoins were held for over multiyear, long-term capital additions tax rates are connected.

Nonetheless, tax assessment on bitcoins and its detailing isn’t as basic as it appears. First of all, it is hard to decide the reasonable estimation of the bitcoin on buy and deal exchanges. Bitcoins are exceptionally unpredictable and there are tremendous swings in costs ion one exchanging day. The IRS energizes consistency in your announcing; if you utilize the day’s high cost for buys, you should utilize the same for deals too.

Mining the Online Currencies

Receiving online payment is quite is easy nowadays. A digital currency like Bitcoin can be earned by either mining or by receiving as a payment for providing goods or services or by against fiat currencies or by against any cryptocurrencies. Here is a full report that would interest you.

Top Fiat currencies

Since the rapid growth of Bitcoin, its valuation has fueled a high volume of many trading activities around the world. This blockchain technology is been trusted by many people since its release in late 2008, The monetary ecosystem that is driving the Bitcoin is the purchasing of virtual currency that is invested as a long-term investment. Cornhill’s reports the list of most traded national currencies that have been used to trade Bitcoin. These data are available in the portal of Cornhill’s based on mid-February, 2018 report.

  1. Japanese Yen (JPY)

The Japanese Yen leads the list of fiat currency with a 60% market share which has been dealing with the bitcoins. For the past few years, Japan has been a leader in the market because of the multiple bans that have been imposed by the Chinese government on China bitcoin exchange in September 2017. With the ban on China, all the bitcoin trading was moved to Japan and Hong Kong, with Japan being the leader on the list.


2.      U.S. Dollar (USD)

At the moment, the American dollar ranks 2nd on the list, with around 20%share in the market. In 2012, the American market was the top, but unfortunately, it was pushed down to a 2nd place by the Chinese yuan in 2014 and the Chinese involvement in the cryptocurrencies was increased. Though Japan is the top holder in the list, U.S dollar maintains a consistent rank for trading bitcoins

3.      Korean won (KRW)

In February 2018, South Kora won the 3rd rank on the list, with an only 6.5% share. It is an unfortunate situation for South Korea, as the share for bitcoin has declined tremendously since January 2017, as the country announced a ban on cryptocurrency traders from using anonymous banks accounts in the region.

  1. Euro (EUR)

With a 5.5% share in the market, the common currency of Europe is ranked 4th in the list of fiat currency. the European Central Bank announced in March 2018 that it has no plans to regulate cryptocurrencies, which might lead to surge its value.

There are other currencies on the list like the Russian ruble (RUB), the British pound (GBP), the Polish zloty (PLN), the Turkish lira (TRY), the Australian dollar (AUD) but all these are having 1% market share in trading Bitcoins.


Valuation of stock

Stock valuation is the familiar work in financial markets. It is just a method for calculating the values of companies and their stocks theoretically. It is mainly used for predicting what is going to happen in the financial markets in future. It also focuses on the profits of the companies.

Earnings per share:

Earnings per share are just the income of the shareholders divided by the number of shares outstanding in the company. There are two types of EPS.

  1. GAAP
  2. Pro forma EPS

GAAP is nothing but the General Accepted Accounting Principles. So, the valuation will be based on the common principles of accounting.

Pro forma EPS is the income which is adjusted to exclude one item or the other non-cash items like goodwill and stock expenses. The most commonly used types of EPS by the business analyst is Pro forma EPS.

Price to earnings:

There is another valuation technique used by the business analysts, which is called Price to Earnings ratio (P/E). It can be calculated by dividing the stock price with the annual EPS. Historical P/E can also be evaluated by doing the same above calculation for the past four or five years. Forward P/E will evaluate the future earnings for the company. It is calculated by dividing the current stock price with the accommodating some of the next four or five years annual EPS. The P/E ratio will not be constant always and it will change depending on the earnings per share.

Growth rate:

The growth rate is nothing but the income of the company and how much the company grows at the level to reach the maximum height. It is the overall growth of the sales and the incomes. The company should look at the forecast values to evaluate the stocks in the company. The growth rate will help the business analysts to look at the negative and the positive things they did. This will be an experience to work hard and reach the success in the future years.

Asset pricing formula:

It is just the relationships between the price of the stocks, earnings, and capital structure. The source formula for the pricing of the asset is given as follows.

Px = Ex/Rx [1- T]


  • P is the market price of the company currently
  • E is the earnings per share of the company
  • R is the interest rate
  • T is the corporate tax rate


Thus conclude that stock valuation is the main activity to perform in a company to know the current and future growth to reach success.



Qualities Of A Successful Businessman

A successful businessman is the one who faced many obstacles and struggles in their lives before reaching the great success. They need some specific qualities to reach greater heights and to become a successful businessman among the people. Currently, the technology plays a vital role in the emerging trending world. So, the businessman needs some excellent skills and past experience to withstand in the market and also to be a successful businessman. Let us take a closer look at those qualities of a successful businessman and check this out in this article.

  • Appearance:

The appearance matters a lot in every business. If we appear in a better way, it automatically will attract the clients and hells us to broaden our business. So, appearance is a much-needed one for a successful businessman.

  • Education:

We were able to see many businessmen without having an education in the past generation. But, this is not at all possible nowadays as everything become technologists, it is difficult to even start up a business without education.

  • Honesty:

As there is a proverb, honesty is the best policy, yes, honesty is an important factor for everything. When we were honest, we can do anything we want and achieve in that. So, the businessmen need some honesty and they should never cheat the customers or clients.

  • Technical skills:

The most important quality of a businessman is the skill they have. Now we cannot get into a business without technical skills. So, we should try to start up a business in the field about which we have technical skills.

  • Hard working:

Yes, hard work never fails. Starting a business can be easy, but running it successfully is a bigger task. The businessman should work hard to touch the top position in the market among the other businessmen and they should keep in mind that the hard work will always give us a great return.

  • Decision taking:

Decision making is very important for a business and if one decision goes wrong, the entire business will collapse. As there is no boss in a business, the businessmen who start their business should have the decision power and they should make decisions based on the situations very quickly. The delay in decisions will make more loss in a business and may lead to losing a lot of clients.


Thus concluding that the above qualities are mandatory one for a businessman to be successful. There are still many qualities but the above ones are very important and the businessman should try to have all these qualities to reach greater heights.


An Outline Guide To Cryptocurrency

We should know the principle involved in the cryptocurrency trading, before that we investigate threats and protection mechanisms. The principle involved in this cryptocurrency technology is asymmetric cryptography, digital signature, and hashing.

The backbone of the cryptocurrency

1) Asymmetric cryptography                   

It is also called as public or private cryptography. They are called public and private keys and these are used for encryption and decryption of the data. If the data is encrypted with the public key then the data will be decrypted with the private key. On the other hand when the data is encrypted with the private key, then the data will be decrypted with the public key. It is the backbone of many cryptographic schemes.

The public key can be put into the world for the information and the private key should be guarded until the death.

2) Hashing

Based on the content of the message, the hash of the message is calculated. Hash is generated by the hash algorithm. The same input will provide the same output again every time.

3) Digital signature

Asymmetric cryptography and the hash of message combined to form the digital signature. The digital signature confirms the integrity of the message. Which means the message received is the same message created. A digital signature is encrypted with a private key and those having the corresponding public key can decrypt.

Cryptocurrency wallet

It is also called a crypto wallet. Crypto wallet s a private key. From the private key, we can create the public key. And from the public key crypto wallet address can be created. Totally cryptocurrency wallet is a collection of private keys. The private key should be highly protected. If there is an attack in the private key is the attack on cryptocurrency.

Where the risk comes from?

Before protecting the cryptocurrency let’s check this out from who we are protecting. Crypto wallet is a public and private key pair. If you lose your private key, then you will lose your wallet. So here the first threat is considered to be you and another class of threat is found to be opportunistic attackers, dedicated attackers, and nation states.

Tips to Protect from the threats

  1. i) The private keys should be converted into a paper backup and they are stored in bank
  2. ii) Don’t store the backup copy keys in the same location.

iii) Protect your email. Reset passwords and confirm transactions.

  1. iv) Avoid using web clients.
  2. v) Strongly use desktop clients who give you control over your keys.





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  • Online tutor

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  • Freelancing

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