Challenges Faced When Marketing A New Product

The startups normally do not have a dedicated sales department and they thus do the sales themselves. This works well in case the business owner has a sales background but the challenge comes if he is not well versed in this department.

Consumers fear change

Consumers are not ready to change. They are happy with what have been doing and they fear trying something new.

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This fear of change in the consumers mind makes it difficult for the business owner to sell his product. The way to overcome this is to collect some past examples and show the client how a change worked towards the positive. Do your research and show the client data and statistics of how the industry has changed in the last decade and how consumers have adapted to these changes that has worked for their good. This will make the consumer less fearful and he will be a little confident to try out a change.

Consumers lack trust

Clients do not trust. They constantly have a feeling that any new product or service that they buy will only end up cheating them. The common question that you get to hear is “how do I know that what you are selling is genuine or if you really have the right experience to do it.”

The thing about trust is that it takes time to be built. If that is, what is a concern to your client then you have to be honest and be consistent in what you say. Share any past client reviews that you may have and give them the information that they may want. You could also show them some of your case studies that will work to give confidence to your client and he may then want to try out your ability.

Personal preferences

There are times when you may have approached a client to sell your service only to get to know that he prefers to work with his relatives company who offers the same product as you.

At this stage, you may not be able to do a lot to break the connection of this sort but you can place yourself next in line. You may work out a phase-2 plan for the product and tell the client that what you can do for him once he has taken the initial service from the relative.

It is important to understand ways in which you can get a sale deed done even if you are new to this business.