Have A Clear Reason For Taking Any Trade

The risk is the amount of money that you will lose in case the trade does not work in your favor. No futures trade should be taken without a stop loss because the market can turn against you at any time. So make sure that you have a stop loss in every trade. Calculate the stop loss before entering the trade and make sure that the risk is something that you can afford to lose.

Do not deviate from your own parameters of taking a trade

It is important that you stick to your own strategy and does not keep changing it with each trade. Also, it is important that the parameters that you have set for your trades should not be moved. The inexperienced traders will keep moving the stop loss if the market is not going in their favor. They also tend to fiddle with the target price if the market is moving in their direction. The first is the example of fear and the second is that of greed. Both of which is bad when you trade in the market. This is a clear recipe of a disaster in the market and if you do so then you are sure to make a substantial loss.

Novice traders tend to do this because they have taken a trade with normal logic. Most of their trades are just guesswork and they thus keep fiddling with the parameters to try to make the trade work for them. The professional traders, on the other hand, have a reason for why they have taken a trade. They know why they are entering at a particular price and exiting at another price. They also have a clear idea of why the stop loss was placed at a fixed price.

It is important that you should have a strong reason to take any trade and that the reason behind taking the trade should be respected even if the trade does do not move in your direction. Trading starts to get emotional when you start to see losses and this does not let you manage your positions well. It is thus important that you stick to what your original plan was. Youth either gets out of the trade at the stop loss price or at the target price. There should be no guesswork in between.

Today, there are a number of trading robots that let you take trades. Here you see how this saves you from guesswork and also does not tempt you to move the trading parameters. You can try them out to manage your trades for you.