Once bitten twice shy?

Losing money is not easy!

I have been there and I know what it is to give your money to douchebags who are finally laughing their way to the bank while you are bickering and crying your heart out and cursing probably yourself as to why you even trusted the fraudsters in the first place. losing money to the tune of $250 in one go and then terming it as a learning curve may sound not all that intimidating but it is something that makes a lot of difference to a trader who earns just enough to run his household.

Losing $250 repeatedly by investing them in fraud software is something that not everyone can accommodate. You would have rather saved them in the bank and created an emergency fund than give it to the scumbags who will not shy away from even coming back at your money a second time albeit by changing the name of their software.

Mushrooming of software on the internet:

There are hundreds of trading software across the internet and only a handful of them are legit. The legit software is those that actually are working in silence and allowing their achievements to make all the noise. The ones that are making more noise on the internet are the ones that are categorically frauds.

But the ones making the noise are attracting the attention:

And we think that it is the root cause of all the problems in the trading online industry. The frauds are able to campaign hard and win traders by talking them into it with all false promises while the real software is helping hundreds of traders to build a real financial portfolio by earning a decent profit and not losing too much money.

Trading is fraught with risks and it is obvious that if you will profit you will also lose. I found this ridiculous review on the internet saying that perfectly legit software like a bitcoin trader can also possibly be a scam because the reviewer lost his first few trades. I was rolling with laughter when I read his complete review. These are the people who do not even understand the nuances of trading. They think trading means you can never ever lose money. How is that even possible?

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