Short-Term Growth In The Investment Market

If you want to invest into the market with the idea that you need to make money in the short term then you should not invest into stocks. While it is possible that you can make money in the short term from the market there is volatility involved which means that stocks are best suited for long term investors. If you want to make money in the short term and avoid risks then there are many short term investments that you can choose from. For reference you may want to trade on Bitcoin to make money in the short term.

Peer to peer lending

Peer to peer lending lets you make money of the personal debt of other people. You can buy the loans from individuals and then set up a portfolio of debt which varied interest rates and risk ratings. The return from these platforms will vary and that is dependent on the risk level and the loans that you have invested into. The return is much better than what the bank offers and you also do not have to tie up your money.

Short-Term Bonds

If you want to make money but do not want that your cash should get tied up for long then you could consider the short term bonds to invest into. The investment period is less than five years and this is indeed a good option if you want to make money in a short period of time. The short term bonds are not very sensitive to the change in the interest rates and this is because the short term interest rates do not change so significantly in a small period of time. The long term bonds on the other hand may move considerably based on the changes on the interest rates.

There are many kinds of short term bonds that you can expose your investment to. They could be a mix of debt instruments from governments and corporates.


If you are old and are more concerned about the income from your investment rather than about the growth of your investment then there are many companies that distribute their corporate earnings to their shareholders. The dividend stocks pay quarterly payouts to their shareholders. Depending on the share price of the company the yield could be much higher than a bond or a bank account.

You could even invest into dividend stocks through ETFs or mutual funds that focus on investing into the quality companies that offer dividends.