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Everyone those days should look for ways to improve their financial status in order to minimize the risk of child labor for their kids. The Millionaire blueprint could do a great job as it is able to make big profits in no time.

Mission Statement:

Child Labor and the Global Village: Photography for Social Change is a team of 11 photographers who will be photographing child workers around the globe.

By photographing individual children in their worlds – their families, communities, countries – we hope to see behind the child labor label. Child labor is the result of a complex set of factors: poverty; lack of schools; poor health care; war; and many others. Solutions must meet the needs of individual children. We need to know who they are to know what they need.

Photos produced by the project are part of an exhibit that has traveled to the U.S. Congress, universities, schools, and other forums in the United States. Internationally, the photographs have been shown in Bangladesh. Other exhibits are planned. One story is included in a curriculum published by the Stanford University Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education. A book is planned.

This Tides Center project originated in the heart and mind of Los Angeles photographer Julia Dean. During many years of traveling to developing countries, Dean was saddened by the many children working in hazardous and dangerous conditions. One child in India touched her more deeply than others. He was a young boy who climbed on a train, swept under the feet of passengers and held out his hand to beg for change. For Dean, the boy was a sign: It was time to act.

Drawing inspiration from the Farm Security Administration photo-journalists of the 1930s and 1940s, Dean assembled three nationally known photo editors to help her select an international team of 11 talented photo-journalists, a director of photography and two writers.

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